The much awaited partnership between filmmaker SS rajamouli and telugu film actor mahesh babu has taken an intriguing turn. rajamouli has confirmed the veracity of the allegations that the film's producer had already decided on "Maharaja" and "Chakravarthy," two possible titles.
During a recent conversation at a Bellary, Karnataka, temple opening, rajamouli made it clear that the movie's title has not yet been decided. He clarified that before starting the title selection process, he gives the other items top priority. This implies that the director is determined to cast every actor before deciding on a title, and that the casting process for the movie is still underway.

This announcement coincides with continuing rumours regarding the movie's cast. There have been rumours circulating that mahesh babu may be joined in the production by other well-known actors. Currently known as "SSMB29," the unnamed project has already created a lot of excitement due to rumours of a few international actors joining the ensemble.

 The most recent rumours state that mahesh babu was put through a look test for this film as the rrr creator observed him. Fans are ecstatic to see the eight final looks, according to reports. The crew is remaining silent on any other movie information, though. Nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet, despite the names of many actresses being linked to the film.

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