Hanu-Man, the masterpiece by teja Sajja and Prasanth varma, has successfully concluded its 50-day run in 150 venues. The crew and purchasers were given Hanuman shields by the producers, who celebrate for fifty days.
Prasanth varma explained the significance of these kinds of gatherings. "I haven't witnessed 50 days of festivities in a very long time. For many of the people who work on the film, the success alters their life. Notifying the public that this type of film would be available for 50 days is crucial. Numerous people will be motivated by this. My debut film, Awe, was a box office hit and received positive reviews from critics. We took it for granted, therefore we didn't rejoice. We failed to recognise the success, giving the false impression that it wasn't a smash.

We took Hanu-Man and constructed a world. We put forth ten times the effort to deliver high-caliber films to you quickly. We intend to distribute the film on a global scale. After presenting the film to distributors in China, Japan, and Spain, they were all blown away. Hanu-Man will soon be available everywhere.
We intend to submit the film to several film festivals in order to raise public awareness of the excellence of telugu cinema. The construction of jai Hanuman has commenced. The movie's first look poster will shortly be available. The last five minutes of Hanu-Man's climactic scene are only a taste. You will see such magnificent craftsmanship throughout the 2.5-hour jai Hanuman film.

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