The fans who worked day and night during the floods. Suriya invited them in person and threw a party

Actor Suriya invited the fans who helped the people during the floods and storms and threw a party to appreciate them.

Actor Suriya is not only acting as a hero in cinema but also acting as a hero in real life. Through his Akaram Foundation, many poor students are excelling in various fields such as doctors and engineers without any education. Apart from that, the surya family is running a Uzhavan Foundation to help the farmers.

Surya, who has a deep love for fans as well as social welfare works, is keenly observing their activities and is the first person to run to them. Even recently, he visited the homes of his fans who died in an accident and paid tribute and promised to provide necessary assistance to the families.

Suriya, who has immense affection for his fans, invited his fans in person yesterday and entertained them. He invited his fans who worked day and night during the rains and floods that ravaged the southern districts last year and gave them a feast in their honour. Similarly, people who worked during the Mikjam storm that hit chennai were also honored during this event.

Apart from this, Suriya has been throwing a party for all the 50 couples who got married recently. His act has been heaped with praises on social media. The photos taken by actor Suriya when he gave a party to his fans are going viral on the internet

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