Soumya Shetty, who became famous after recording a video through instagram, has been arrested and jailed by the police in a case of jewelery theft.

Retired prasad babu family lives in balaji Metro Residency Flat No. 102, Thondaparthi area, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The owner of the house, prasad Babu, lodged a complaint at the police station that on 23rd of last month, gold jewelery weighing 1 kg and 750 grams was stolen. Following this, a forensic team led by Visakhapatnam Crime Branch DGP Venkataratnam and ATCP Gangadhar and police department collected the fingerprints recorded in the bureau at Prasadbabu's house.

Police also examined the CCTV footage installed outside the residence. The flat owner, Janapala Prasadbabu, was interrogated. Also the details of recent home visits were collected. The police said that 11 people are suspected. Subsequently, the police formed 2 separate teams and interrogated 11 people. 3 of them were arrested and interrogated.

Soumyashetty, who hails from Gopalapatnam, rose to fame by posting video reels on insta and has acted in two films. Soumya got acquainted with Janapala Prasad's daughter Mounika. After hooking up with Melanika, Selamia has made a habit of frequenting Mounika's house pretending to be true to them for 8 years. He went straight to the bedroom and used the bathroom there.

While going to the bathroom, Melanika would close the bedroom doors of the house and go to the bathroom. Each trip is said to have taken several hours. Thus, he knew everything like jewelry and pro key in their house. On january 29 and february 19, Selamia went to Melanika's house and took the gold jewelry from the drawer in the bedroom without their knowledge.

He stole about 1 kg of gold ornaments. In this case, Maunika's family was going to Yalamanchili for a relative's wedding on the 23rd. For this, when they opened the jewelery locker in the bureau, they saw that the jewelery was missing and lodged a complaint with the police.

After that, the police came to know that Selamia was in goa and arrested him. But the police seized only 74 grams of gold from him. police are trying to recover the rest of the gold. But it is said that Selamia threatened the police that she would commit suicide if asked forcefully. After this, he was admonished in court and imprisoned. Soumya, who became famous with reels, was getting film opportunities and progressing, but was caught by the police and imprisoned for theft.

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