Trolls poured in for aishwarya Rajinikanth's post..!?

Actor Rajinikanth's daughter aishwarya has been trolling netizens for posting pictures of her travels in March. Actor Rajinikanth's daughter aishwarya made her directorial debut with Dhanush-starrer 3 after working as an assistant director to director Selvaraghavan. The film which was released in the year 2012 did not attract the fans at that time. This caused a flop. But recently when the film was re-released it got a mixed response. Fans celebrated the film especially abroad. aishwarya directed a film called Vai raja Vai after the flop of 3 films, and as the film was not very popular, she left the cinema and did not direct any films for the past 7 years. After this, aishwarya gave a re-entry with Lal Salaam and completed the film at a huge cost. The film had huge expectations as Rajinikanth also played a cameo role in the film.
Apart from that, when aishwarya Rajinikanth spoke at the audio launch, fans were waiting for the film to be on a different level as it was said that this film would feature in everyone's favorite list. The film, which hit the screens last february amidst great anticipation, met with a flop. Aishwarya, who gave a terrific build-up before the release, dropped a huge bomb after the release. That is, she claimed that the hard disk containing the 21-day shooting of Lal Salaam was lost and if it was there, the film could have been given a better performance. Netizens trolled this severely. In this situation, she had posted the photos taken when he visited temples including Tirupati, and Kasi, and the photo written on the paper as Om Namachivaya throughout last March. After seeing this, the netizens are teasing in the comments asking if they got a hard disk because they went to such places.

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