In the tollywood film industry, there's a noticeable trend of small production companies aiming to produce pan-India films. Even established banners like Mythri movie Makers, UV Creations, and dil raju Banners are stepping into this territory. Other prominent production houses are also seizing the opportunity to announce projects with big stars promptly.

Geetha Arts, known for its ambition, has long aspired to produce a pan-India film. Although they've been active in making medium-range films, they haven't ventured into the pan-India domain extensively. However, there are indications that geetha arts, in collaboration with Allu Arjun, is gearing up for a significant project under Atlee's direction, with Anirudh composing the music.

Initially, the project was rumoured to be titled #AAA, and an official announcement was anticipated on Allu Arjun's birthday. However, it seems that allu aravind, the head of geetha arts, may have hesitated to proceed independently. Reports suggest that another major production company, sun Pictures, known for its success with films like "Jailer" featuring Rajinikanth, is interested in investing heavily in the project.

Speculations are rife that allu aravind might have been hesitant due to Atlee's conditions, which allegedly included a significant share in the film's business and a remuneration of 60 crores. sun Pictures, on the other hand, seemingly agreed to these terms promptly. Consequently, it's speculated that sun Pictures will be the main producer, with allu aravind serving as a co-producer.

While sun Pictures initially intended to produce the film independently, allu aravind likely agreed to be a partner to enhance the reach of the geetha arts banner. By investing in this collaboration, sun Pictures is assuming full responsibility, aiming to reap the benefits if the film succeeds on the pan-India stage. The clarity on this arrangement is eagerly awaited, potentially revealed on Allu Arjun's birthday.

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