Tillu Square, starring siddhu Jonnalagadda, is causing chaos at the movie office. In only three days, it has amassed an amazing share of almost 30 crores, breaking even in its first weekend. Attributed correctly to siddhu Jonnalagadda, the majority of the credit for Tillu Square's great success remains as a monument to his creative brilliance. Applause should also go to the production banner for their unflinching faith in Siddhu's vision, writing, and ability; their extraordinary patience has clearly paid off.

Despite all of the praise, director Mallik ram deserves special recognition for his role in Tillu Square's success. Mallik Ram's career began in 2016 with the disastrous remake of Naruda Donoruda. After that, he directed a few OTT projects. He has been working in the field for over ten years, waiting for the right opportunity. It was no easy task to go from the OTT realm to directing a highly anticipated movie like Tillu Square. Surprisingly brought on board for the project, Mallik ram took over for vimal Krishna, who had directed Tillu 1 before.

Mallik ram accepted siddhu Jonnalagadda's vision with unrelenting commitment. Managing a monster such as the character of Tillu is not a simple task. Should the character be poorly managed, things may go very wrong. It was difficult to manage the strain of helming a sequel to a movie that so many people adored. Reshooting was part of Mallik Ram's patient approach, which showed a dedication to making an enjoyable movie and was a major factor in Tillu Square's popularity. Mallik ram must, therefore, take advantage of this achievement and clear the path for a prosperous future in Tollywood.

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