Vijay Deverakonda boldly predicted that Liger will make well over Rs 200 crores at the box office before the movie's release. Due to Vijay's exaggerated promises, the movie ultimately failed at the box office, and trolls were created. But Vijay has changed, as seen by his response when asked what he thought of Liger's decision.
"I was actively involved in the Liger case. The forecast backfired terribly, giving rise to trolls. I have thus placed a disciplinary limit on myself. I refuse to discuss the box office potential of at least three of my next films. I'll let my output speak for itself. stated Vijay. Vijay made a smart decision by refusing to distribute the products of his films before they are released. If the movie succeeds, all is well; however, if not, trolls will abound, as demonstrated by the situation with Liger.

Thus, Vijay would be better served by letting his work speak for itself—a shift he says he has implemented—and this is encouraging confirmation. Family Star, a commercially packed action family movie starring vijay deverakonda and Parasuram, is scheduled to open on this month's fifth. The creators requested media fraternity previews one day before the film's theatre release, and those premieres were given a unique touch.


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