"15 days of starvation. But I fainted on the 3rd day" Aadujeevidam actor told the shocked information.

KR Gokul, who played the lead role of Hakeem in Aadujeevitham, shares his experience of acting in the film.

Directed by Plessy and starring Prithviraj, Audujeevitham has been garnering great response since its release last month. KR Gokul, who played the lead role of Hakeem in the film, has given an interview to india Today channel about his experience of acting in the film. He spoke in it. All the experiments I went through to reduce the nose weight for Hakeem's character helped me portray the character realistically. It affected me physically and mentally.

I used to drink only water and then gradually lost weight. I starved myself for 15 days and drank only black coffee. But I fainted on the third day. My family and friends were the most affected. It affected my mental health."

KR also shared his experience of working with prithviraj in the film. Gokul “I was the youngest on the set and everyone treated me as their brother and son. That kind of nurturing and care always helped me feel comfortable on set. You can work freely when you are comfortable. prithviraj treated me not as a rookie actor but as a fellow actor, He told me, 'You do the same job as me,'" he said.

The film is based on the novel Adu Jeevidam written by Benjamin in the year 2088. The film stars amala Paul, jimmy Jean, K.R. Gokul and many others who have acted. Najeeb from kerala travels to an Arab country for work, where he has to live with goats in the desert. The story of the film is that Najeeb escapes the challenges and struggles he faces there and returns to the country.

Prithviraj's performance and his hard work in Aadu Jeevitham are being appreciated. Prithviraj, who has lost almost 30 kg, has been praised by various parties for living as Najeeb through his extraordinary performance. It must be said that AR Rahman's music is an added strength to this film.

After almost 16 years of work, the film was released on the 29th and has been well-received by fans and critics alike. This film has so far collected Rs. It is noted that it has collected more than 100 crores.

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