Shruti will demand from Anupama to change the menu…

The tv serial Anupama is becoming more interesting day by day. In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be seen that complete preparations have been made for Anuj and Shruti's sangeet ceremony. Anupama and Yashdeep will also be leaving for the venue. In such a situation, Yashdeep will get a message from shruti and she will call both of them to meet. Anupama and Yashdeep will reach shruti late at night. Anuj will also be present there at that time.

Shruti will find a new way to harass Anupama

Anuj will be surprised to see Anupama and Yashdeep. He will question both of them, what are they saying here late at night? In response to this, Anu will tell that shruti has called her. Then shruti will say that she needs to change the menu of the music function. In such a situation, Anuj and Yashdeep will try to explain to him how the menu can be changed a day before. This will be very difficult. But Anu will agree to Shruti.

Anu will say that marriage is any girl's dream. In such a situation, we will not let you face any problem. shruti is making changes to the menu just to harass Anupama. After Shruti, Aadhya will also take out her anger on Anupama. shruti will tell Aadhya that Anu has won the first round of the cooking competition, so feed her sweets. Aadhya will bring sweets but will mix something in it which will cause Anu to start coughing. Seeing Anupama coughing, Anuj will not be able to control himself and will go and give water to Anu and take care of her. Meanwhile, sweets will fall on Shruti's wedding lehenga. Seeing this, both shruti and Aadhya will get angry and Aadhya will start vandalizing like always.

Anupama will give warning to Vanraj

On the other hand, as soon as Anu goes home, she will see that everyone is awake. At that time Anu will come to know that Vanraj is going back to india with everyone where he will meet Titu. But after hearing this, Anu will see something black in the pulses. She will warn Vanraj that if he does something wrong then it will not take long to buy a flight from America to Ahmedabad.

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