Despite being 2 years older, badshah touched Arijit's feet…

Bollywood's famous singer arijit singh and rapper Badshahar are in the news these days for their foreign concerts. Recently, both the singers had hosted a live concert together in Bangkok, Thailand. A huge crowd had gathered to be a part of this show. But along with singing, something happened in this show which surprised everyone. In this show, he touched the feet of the king and took his blessings. This emotional moment has been captured by the camera. Now this video is going viral on social media.

What is special in a viral video?

It can be seen in this video that Arijit is singing live during the concert. At that time, badshah comes from the backstage to the front stage to take over the stage. Where arijit singh is singing the last lyrics of his song while holding his guitar. After this, the king touches his feet and takes blessings from him. Arijit also becomes happy after seeing these gestures of badshah towards him and hugs the singer. Fans become very excited after seeing this moment live. During the show, the fans start booing loudly.

This is how fans reacted

Since this video surfaced, fans have saluted the bond between arijit singh and Badshah. Not only this, they are also saluting the greatness of the king. This is because badshah is 2 years older than Arijit Singh. Despite this, the rapper showed his respect towards the singer in a special way towards Arijit. Fans said on social media- This is the real-life pair of karan Arjun. Another judge wrote - 'Badshahar is quite down to earth'

Let us tell you about this concert, Badshahru told Variety Magazine - 'I was very excited to work with Arijit Singh. This is the person whom I admire. Apart from this, I am just happy that I will get a chance to be with him during this concert. During this concert, I will get to learn a lot from Arijit because he is a high power for me. I had composed a song and also written its lyrics. As soon as I heard this song of mine in Arijit's voice, there was nothing like the previous song in this song.

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