Ran away from home to become a popular actress!!!

As beautiful as the film industry looks, there are equally complicated stories buried here. Some people's film career was ruined, some came on the verge of ruin and there were many such mysterious deaths whose cases are unsolved to date. One of them is the case of Silk Smita who was a popular actress in South Cinema. Silk Smita mostly used to dance on item songs. Silk Smita belonged to a very poor family and reached here after facing many difficulties. He had achieved a lot of wealth and fame, he was talked about everywhere. Silk Smita also worked with many big actors in the South. Let us know about some stories and unsolved secrets related to silk.

Who was Silk Smitha?

Vijayalakshmi Vadalapati was born on 2 december 1960 in a poor family in eluru district of Andhra Pradesh. His parents were from a Hindu telugu family and lived in poverty from the beginning. vijayalakshmi had many brothers and sisters and was poor, so her parents got her married. According to reports, vijayalakshmi was married at the age of 15-16. In her in-laws' house, her husband and mother-in-law used to beat her a lot and make her work. Vijayalakshmi, a victim of domestic violence, ran away from home to chennai and never returned.

Story of Silk Smitha's Struggle

It has been told in many media reports that when vijayalakshmi went somewhere in search of work to earn her living, people used to look at her with evil eyes. He had to face problems many times and then he thought of trying films. vijayalakshmi also used to get small roles in films through which she started surviving. director Vinu Chakraborty gave a big break to vijayalakshmi in his film. In the year 1980, Vijayalakshmi's film Inaay Thedi came and the name 'Silk Smita' was introduced on the screen. This name was given to him by Vinu himself. After this, Silk Smita started doing item numbers in South cinema and also did many adult films. By the 90's, silk smitha had become popular in the entire South. silk smitha shared the screen with superstars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan.

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