Uorfi Javed surprised everyone by wearing a 100 kg dress!!! 

Urfi Javed does not need any identity. Urfi, who is in the headlines for her unusual dressing style, has once again done something that hardly anyone has ever seen. Urfi Javed is once again in the news for her clothes. On Saturday, the actress came in front of the paparazzi wearing such an outfit, which left everyone's eyes wide open.

Urfi Javed surprised everyone by wearing a dress weighing 100 kg

This time Urfi Javed's dress is made of cloth but its weight is 100 kg. Yes, the actress has surprised everyone by wearing a dress weighing 100 kg. After wearing this heavy dress, Urfi had to take the help of a truck. A video of this is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

It took 2-3 months to prepare this outfit

It can be seen in the video that some people are holding Urfi and taking her down from the truck. During this, Urfi says that no one invited me to the red carpet, so I created my red carpet. Urfi says that it took a long time of 2 to 3 months to make this outfit and 10-11 people have prepared it together.

Said- I will do red carpet every day

After this Urfi introduced everyone to her designer. Urfi further says 'No one has done this even on the red carpet. I will keep doing red carpet like this. You guys don't go to those people but do come to mine. This video is very much discussed on social media. Users are once again commenting on the creativity of Urfi Javed. There has been a flood of comments on the video. One person wrote, 'This dress of Urfi looks much heavier than my wardrobe.' So another user wrote in the comment box that 'She has stitched the clothes of the entire country and is wearing them.' One user writes, 'How hard you work, madam.'

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