Urfi Javed got the video shot with Orry in different poses…

These days, Urfi Javed is in the news for her debut film LSD 2. Fresh updates are coming out daily from the makers regarding this film also. Almost every day a new face is being revealed from this film. Meanwhile, bollywood celebs' favorite and internet sensation Orry was seen with Urfi. This video of the actress is now going viral on social media.

How did Orry come for free with Urfi?

In this viral video of self-fashion designer turned actress Urfi, she entered with Orry. In this video, first of all, he told the paps – No one gave me Idi. Apart from this, the actress said - I did not pay Orry to pose with me, I am getting the photo taken for free. Indeed, Orry often says that his biggest source of income is the fees for getting photographed with celebs. The question arises, what are they doing with Urfi? In this video, Urfi asks another question to the paps who does she like better between Urfi and Orry? In response to this, only one answer is heard and that is Orry.

Why didn't Orry give her favorite pose?

Well, one thing to be noted in all this is that recently a video of Orry surfaced. Where he told arjun kapoor and ranveer singh how they judge celebs by their poses. In response to this, he described the step of placing his hand on his favorite chest from the front along with his three steps as highly rated. But in the video of Urfi that has surfaced, Orry has not given any of these three B poses with Urfi. Now only Orry knows what this means. Talking about the looks of Orry and Urfi in the video, Urfi, as usual, is wearing a beautiful blue colored butterfly neck top. Orry is wearing a purple colored T-shirt with her slogan 'YOLO - You Only love Ori'. Both are looking great together.

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