No wrong scene was shot with goats in 'The Goat Life'…

South actor prithviraj Sukumaran has been in the headlines for a long time. Sometimes because of his films and sometimes because of his statements. Recently the film Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan has come in which he has become the main villain. Before this, his film Salaar was also released. Now some time ago the film The Goat Life was released on which some allegations were made. It was told that in the film The Goat Life, some such scenes were shown in which some wrong scenes were shown with goats. The film's lead actor prithviraj Sukumaran has spoken openly on this.

What did prithviraj Sukumaran say on 'The Goat Life'?

The malayalam film Aadujeevithan is based on the novel written by Benjamin in the year 2008, whose hindi name is 'The Goat Life'. This film has been directed by Blessy. It depicts the story of an immigrant laborer from kerala who is forced to work as a forced laborer on a goat farm in a country in the Middle East. prithviraj Sukumaran has an amazing look in this film and people have also liked it.

Now it is being told that some people have alleged that wrong things have been done to the goats in this film, they have been tortured. prithviraj Sukumaran has given a statement on this. The actor has told that whatever was shown with goats in it was the demand of the story of the film and it happened at the behest of the director.

In an interview, when prithviraj Sukumaran was asked whether whatever was shown with goats in this film was true. On this prithviraj Sukumaran said, 'Sir, this was never shot. This was what the director said and we shot it but technically he was not harmed. That was the demand of the film's story, so the director had to do that.

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