When salman said 'I should not look back at the Oscars...'?

Every year, film stars eagerly wait for the world's biggest award show, Oscar. Receiving an oscar award is like a dream for every artist. But the case is a bit opposite with bollywood superstar salman Khan.

Salman Khan's statement regarding Oscar

Bhaijaan, who has been ruling the bollywood industry for the last several decades, has no interest in winning an Oscar. It is not us but salman khan who says this. Years ago the superstar gave a big statement regarding the Oscars, which made a lot of headlines. So let us know about it in detail…

Said 'I should not look back at Oscar...'

In the year 2014, salman khan came to Rajat Sharma's tv show 'Aap Ki Adalat'. During this time, he had made many shocking revelations regarding his personal and professional life. Then salman also expressed his views regarding Oscar.

What happens is that a person from the audience questions salman khan about the quality of hollywood films. The films there get Oscars every year and bollywood films get forgotten. Sir, when are our films winning Oscar? In response to this, salman khan says that oscar is his award, friend. What is the use of our films there? I should never look back, Oscar. On hearing this, all the people present there start clapping loudly.

Bullets fired outside Salman's house

Let us tell you that at present the superstar is in the news, on sunday morning the attackers on two bikes opened fire outside his house. However, everyone in the Khan family is safe. But after this incident, everyone is shocked and disturbed. At present mumbai Police is busy investigating the case. At the same time, salman khan is also very scared. He is worried about the safety of his family.

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