Shah Rukh Khan reached kolkata with children for IPL match…

At present, the IPL craze is being seen across the country. cricket fans seem very excited about the IPL. Till now its matches have been held in different cities. This time the match is going to be held in Kolkata. kolkata Knight Riders co-owner shahrukh khan has also reached kolkata for this match. shahrukh khan reached kolkata last night for Sunday's IPL match. king Khan has gone to kolkata with his children Suhana Khan and Abram Khan for the match. A video of Shahrukh has also surfaced from kolkata airport, after watching which the fans have gone crazy.

Heavy security was seen at the airport for Shahrukh

Actually, in the video that has surfaced, heavy security is being seen at the airport for Shahrukh Khan. shahrukh khan and his two children Suhana and Abram are surrounded by security. During this, king Khan is holding his son's hand. There is so much security around him that it is becoming difficult to even see Shahrukh.

Only police force and security are visible far and wide outside the airport. This has not happened before when king Khan or any celeb has been given this kind of security.

Even the fans are surprised to see such security of Shahrukh Khan. Users are also giving their reactions on social media. While sharing the video, a user has written - Watching the security of Shahrukh Khan. While sharing the video on the fan page, it has been written that - shahrukh khan has reached kolkata for tomorrow's match. Players get a lot of spark due to the presence of Shahrukh Khan.

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