Parineeti Chopra had increased her weight by 15 kg.

Comedy king Kapil Sharma has returned with his new show 'The Great indian Kapil Show'. This show, which started on march 30, has had 3 episodes so far. Kapil's show is getting love from fans in the same way. The third episode of the show was streamed on Saturday, in which Chamkila stars Parineeti Chopra, Diljit Dosanjh, and director imtiaz ali participated. In the third episode of The Great indian Kapil Show, Chamkila's team has also made many revelations about their film. His film has been released on Netflix on 12 April. The acting of Diljit and Parineeti was liked a lot in the film. Both of them have played the role of real-life singer couple in the film. Both of them have also sung songs in their voices in the film.

Parineeti took training from AR rahman for 6 months

Director imtiaz ali revealed in Kapil's show that Parineeti and Diljit have done live singing in the film. His songs were not pre-recorded. Parineeti revealed that she had taken training from AR rahman for about 6 months to try to sing like Amarjot Singh in the film.

Diljit was the first and last choice for Imtiaz

Not only this but in Kapil's show, imtiaz ali revealed how he had liked Parineeti and Diljit for the film. The director said- Diljit was my first and last choice. If Diljit had not said yes to the film, this film would not have been made. Diljeet is perfect for this role. Parineeti also seemed perfect because I wanted an actress who would be ready to gain weight.

Parineeti had increased her weight by 15 kg

Archana Puran Singh was surprised to hear this. After this, Parineeti said that she had gained 15 kg weight for the film. The actress said that- I wanted to look exactly like Amarjot ji, he had done shows even during pregnancy. So, to look exactly like that, I gained 15 kilos. All of them fed me a lot of food.

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