Got a lot of shock after coming to mumbai, struggling as tv actress…

Even though ankita lokhande did not win Bigg Boss, fans still consider her the queen of TV. Ankita, who gained immense fame from her very first show, coming to mumbai and struggling here, is no less than an inspiring story. After coming to mumbai, every big and small actor has to face a struggle. ankita lokhande also had to face this. He recently narrated the story of his struggle during an interview. During this time, her husband Vicky Jain was also present in the interview.

Spent the day on two vada pavs, one bottle of water

During the interview, Vicky Jain says that Ankita is never short of money. On this Ankita narrated the story of her early days in Mumbai. He said- "I used to get Rs 75-100 at that time. She used to earn Rs 5,000 per month. I just had to pay the rent. After that, I will see. I used to have ten rupees, which would cover two vada pavs. A bottle of cold water comes. This was my food. I had to show the taxi driver, I used to act on the phone and ask him to drop me till Andheri, but I used to get down midway. Then she used to take an auto to save money on taxis. But I was happy. Because if you are earning anything by living in a city like mumbai, then you must be doing something on your own.

How did Ankita get success?

Ankita Lokhande got her first show Pavitra Rishta. In this, she played the character of archana Deshmukh. That show made him famous in every household. Soon she became a big name in the tv world. The maker of this show was ekta Kapoor. It was here that he met sushant singh Rajput. Both were together in the show and it was here that their love story started. Sushant later left the show and turned to films and gradually their relationship also broke down.

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