Zeenat Aman Reacts To Mumtaz's Comment On Her Marriage: 'I Don’t Tear Down My Colleagues'

Mumtaz recently criticized her former colleague Zeenat Aman's suggestion that couples should try living together before tying the knot. Now Zeenat has responded to Mumtaz's remarks. 

Veteran actress mumtaz recently criticized her former colleague Zeenat Aman's suggestion that couples should try living together before tying the knot. mumtaz said that Zeenat should be the “last person to advise on relationships” as her “marriage was a living hell.” Now ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ actor has responded to Mumtaz's remarks. 

Zeenat Aman's reaction to Mumtaz's comment

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Zeenat chose not to engage in a back-and-forth with the actor. "Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I’ve never been one to comment on others' personal lives or tear down my colleagues, and I’m not going to start now,” she was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times. 

What mumtaz said

In an interview with entertainment portal Zoom, mumtaz expressed her reservations about Aman's recent instagram post offering relationship advice. She told Zoom, “Zeenat should be careful with what she is advising. She has all of a sudden come into this huge social media popularity, and I can understand her excitement about sounding like a cool aunty. But giving advice that is counter to our moral values is not the solution to increasing your following. Aap Zeenat ko hi le lo misaal ke taur par (Take Zeenat for example)… She knew Mazhar Khan for years before marrying him. Her marriage was a living hell. She should be the last person doling out advice on relationships." 

Mumtaz also said that even after living together, there's no guarantee of a successful marriage. She added, "Kitna bhi live-in kar lo, kya guarantee hai (What is the assurance that even after living together your marriage will be a success)? Main toh kehti hoon, marriage hi nahin honi chahiye. What is the need to tie yourself down in this day and age? Why marry? For children? Arrey, go out there, find the man who appeals to you, and get his baby without physical intimacy. Zamana bahot aage chala gaya hai (the society had evolved).” 

What zeenat aman posted

In an instagram post, zeenat aman had advised couples to be in a live-in relationship before deciding to marry. She wrote a long note, a part of which reads, "Here’s a personal opinion I haven’t previously shared - if you’re in a relationship, I strongly recommend that you LIVE TOGETHER before getting married! This is the same advice I’ve always given my sons, both of whom have had or are in a live-in relationship. It just seems logical to me that before two people get their families and the government involved in their equation, they first put their relationship to the ultimate test."

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