Anushka Sharma: anushka returned to mumbai with their son Akay, Virus ka's fans rejoiced, and made a promise to the paparazzi

Bollywood actress anushka sharma has come to mumbai with her son Akay. For a long time, fans were eagerly waiting for this moment, when their favorite actress would return to india and when they would be able to see her son.

Anushka-Virat's name is also included among Bollywood's favorite couples. Fans are eager to get a glimpse of him. anushka gave birth to son Akay in February. anushka has been in london since the birth of her son. Although Virat returned to mumbai in march after the birth of his son, anushka has returned to india only today. Fans are rejoicing over the fact that their favorite actress has come to mumbai with both her children.

Anushka Sharma returned to India

Anushka Sharma gave birth to a son on 15 February. His son's name is Akay. Since the delivery, fans have been yearning to see anushka and her son Akay. Today, when fans saw anushka at the airport, they jumped with joy. anushka was in london for a long time. At the same time, the actress gave birth to a son Akay. Before Akay, he had a daughter whom he named Vamika. Today anushka has come to mumbai with her two children. A fan page of virat kohli shared a picture of anushka and her son Akay on social media. Information was also given that she has now reached Mumbai.

Anushka put a condition in front of the paparazzi

According to media reports, anushka sharma showed a glimpse of the baby to the paparazzi present at the airport and also promised to meet her soon. But anushka also put a condition behind this. anushka said that she would pose for paps soon. But this will happen if they do not have children with them. Now it has to be seen when anushka pleases her fans with her latest photos. Virat and anushka keep their children away from the media. Also, they have decided not to show the faces of the children.

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