Donations alone are 123 crores. Do you know the value of his property?

Shanna Khan, daughter of Pakistan's richest man shahid Khan, has donated around 123 crores.Rs. With a net worth of 969627 crores, mukesh ambani is the richest person not only in india but also in Asia. He is also the chairman of reliance Industries, India's most valuable company. Like India's richest man mukesh ambani, Pakistan's richest man shahid Khan also makes headlines from time to time. He is famous for his business investments, lavish lifestyle, and philanthropy. Pakistani businessman shahid Khan runs various businesses. And has invested most of his wealth in sports-related ventures. shahid Khan's net worth is estimated to be over Rs.99598 Crores.

He is also the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL). He is also the co-owner of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) along with his son Tony Khan, who also oversees his father's many business ventures. shahid Khan and his son Tony Khan are very popular on social media. But people don't know much about shahid Khan's daughter Shanna Khan. Shanna Khan is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and congress representative. A Pakistani by birth, Shanna was born and raised in Illinois, USA like her brother Tony Khan. Shanna is also the co-owner of United Marketing Company, a specialty packaging design organization.

Shahid Khan's daughter Shanna Khan is known for her philanthropic efforts through the Jaguars Foundation. She is passionate about helping vulnerable youth and their families. Shanna Khan, who is married to Justin McCabe, managing director of Wolf Point Advisors, is believed to be worth more than $20 million. According to reports, Shanna Khan and her family donated Rs 123 crore to the university of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital last year to improve the integrated oncology program at the university.

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