Anushka Sharma came to india with her son Akai and daughter Vamika – anushka hid her son and daughter from being caught on camera!

Anushka Sharma, who was camped in london for childbirth, has now returned to india with her son Akai and daughter Vamika. He was surrounded by photographers when he arrived at the mumbai airport. virat kohli and anushka sharma come from cricket and film backgrounds. Both fell in love and got married on december 11, 2017. Subsequently, Vamika was born on january 11, 2021. virat kohli and anushka are blessed with a baby boy after almost 3 years.

But before that, there were reports that virat kohli and anushka sharma were expecting their second child in a few months. The couple has not officially announced it. Just then, Virat Kohli's friend and former south africa player AB DeViers announced on his YouTube channel that virat kohli and anushka sharma are expecting their 2nd child. Subsequently, a few days later he issued a denial saying that it was not true. It was in this situation that virat kohli and anushka sharma officially announced the birth of a baby boy on their social media page on february 20. But a boy was born on february 15. However, it has been officially announced on the 20th.

They named this child Akai. The word Akai means shining moon in Turkish. It also has another meaning. That is, Akai means guide and one who leads with the hands. Currently, virat kohli is busy in the IPL series. anushka sharma has returned from london with her son Akai and daughter Wamika after almost a year. When he arrived in india, he was surrounded by photographers at the mumbai airport.At that time, he posed only by hiding his son and daughter for the camera. However, he showed his son to the photographers. It is noteworthy that he has refused to be photographed. Now he is expected to visit RCB to watch the match

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