Rahul Vaidya was seen knee-deep in water...

Bigg Boss fame and singer rahul Vaidya is often in the news. The singer is very active on his social media. Currently, rahul Vaidya is enjoying a vacation in dubai with his wife Disha Parmar, and daughter Navya. rahul is also sharing many videos and photos from this vacation with his fans. Meanwhile, rahul dubai has informed us that the situation has become very bad due to some rain in Dubai. rahul Vaidya is continuously sharing videos and pictures on his instagram story. rahul has shared a video, in which he is seen crossing the road in a paan filled on the streets of Dubai.

Rahul Vaidya trapped in heavy rain of Dubai

In this video, rahul is holding his shoes in his hand and has also pulled up his pants. Water is visible everywhere on the road. vehicles are also seen standing in water. Looking at rahul, it seems that he has crossed the water filled road with great difficulty.

Dubai streets are filled with water

Rahul has told in his second story that this situation has happened in dubai due to just 3-4 hours of rain. At this time he is seen sitting in the car. Sitting in the car, rahul is showing the outside view. They say that just 3-4 hours of rain has left dubai in such a bad condition. In the video, rahul says that the people of dubai are not used to such rain. Someone told me that such rains had occurred in 2008 and now after so many years it has rained this much. All the vehicles are also submerged in water.

Rahul-Disha went on vacation with daughter for the first time

Let us tell you that rahul Vaidya is married to tv actress Disha Parmar. The couple welcomed their daughter Navya into the world after 2 years of marriage. Just a few days ago the couple revealed the face of their daughter. rahul and Disha have gone on an international trip with their daughter for the first time.

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