After the murder of Amar 'Chamkila', Dharmendra's cousin was also murdered. 

The film amar singh Chamkila is quite in trend these days. diljit dosanjh and parineeti chopra have played lead roles in the film and their work is being liked a lot. This film is the biopic of punjabi singer amar singh Chamkila. He and his wife Amarjot Kaur were murdered in broad daylight. His own story has been shown in this film, but how is it connected to dharmendra, you might be wondering. bollywood actor Dharmendra's cousin's brother was also murdered similarly. The murder of punjabi actor Virendra Singh is also unsolved like 'Chamkila'. Let us tell you some unheard things about him.

The murder of Dharmendra's cousin brother Virendra Singh remains unsolved.

Dharmendra's cousin Virendra Singh came into punjabi films in the 70s and 80s. At that time, he was the only actor whose career in punjabi films was at great heights. Virendra Singh was also a handsome actor of that era with whom many people were infatuated. Virendra Singh and dharmendra were quite similar in looks.

In his 12-year film career, Virendra Singh worked in about 25 films and most of the films were blockbusters. Virendra Singh also made hindi films like 'Khel Muqaddar Ka' and 'Do Chehre'. Virendra Singh started his career in 1975 and he also worked with dharmendra in the film Teri Meri Ek Jindari. In the year 1988, Virendra Singh was shooting for the film Jatt Te Zameen and during that time he was murdered. It is said that Virendra Singh was murdered by terrorists. No one knew what the truth was and the murder remained unsolved.

How were amar singh and Amarjot murdered?

In the year 1988, Punjab's popular singer amar singh and his wife Amarjot Kaur were the best singers of that era. people used to call amar singh Chamkila and it became his nickname. In the year 1988, amar singh and Amarjot Kaur were going to a concert and during that time they were shot dead. The reason behind his murder is still unresolved. On top of that, Diljit Singh and Parineeti Chopra's film amar singh Chamkila is directed by Imtiaz Ali.

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