This accident happened at home with Rubina Dilaik's daughter…

Popular tv actress and bigg boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik is enjoying her motherhood these days. The actress became the mother of twin daughters only last year. The joy of becoming a mother after 5 years of marriage is always visible on Rubina's face. The actress takes great care of her daughters. Recently, she shared her experience after becoming a mother in the second season of the podcast 'Kisi Ne Bata Nahi'. In this podcast, Rubina Dilaik has revealed that one day an accident happened with her daughter Idha at home. The actress said that her daughter Idha had fallen from the bed while sleeping.

Rubina's daughter Idha had fallen from the bed.

Rubina Dilaik revealed that one day Idha was changing sides of the bed and in the meantime, she fell from the bed. I was on a shoot at that time. But after hearing about Idha, I was scared to death. By the grace of God, she was not injured and was fine. This happened just a few days ago. During this, Rubina also told that after having twin daughters, her memory has also become very weak. She feeds a daughter and forgets who she fed and when.

Rubina's memory became weak after becoming a mother.

The actress said- 'Mother's mind becomes completely blank. You don't remember anything. It is true. This has happened to me many times. In the beginning, I used to forget whom I had fed. I have a diary in which I have noted the time. Like Idha was fed at 2:45 and jeeva at 3:30. I have written this because brother, I used to forget. Talking about the work front, Rubina Dilaik was recently seen in the punjabi film 'Chal Bhach Chalie'. This film has been released in theaters on 5 April.

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