After the monumental success of "RRR," Young tiger Jr. ntr took a brief hiatus before embarking on his next project, "Devara," helmed by director koratala Siva. The shooting for this highly anticipated film is currently underway at a rapid pace. Originally slated for an earlier release, the makers have now rescheduled it for october 10th due to various factors, with shooting plans adjusted accordingly.

There is already significant buzz surrounding "Devara," with reports suggesting that bollywood distributor Anil Thadani will orchestrate a grand pan-India release for the film, particularly targeting the North indian market. The aim is to position "Devara" as a milestone in Jr. NTR's illustrious career, with plans to showcase it across multiple centres.

However, amidst the excitement, there is a lingering concern among fans of Jr. ntr regarding a longstanding sentiment in Tollywood. It's a belief that after starring in a film directed by the renowned rajamouli, subsequent movies tend to falter. This phenomenon has been observed with actors like prabhas and Nani, where films following their collaboration with rajamouli failed to meet expectations.

Following the release of "RRR," ram Charan, Jr. NTR's co-star, faced a similar fate with his film "Acharya," directed by koratala siva, which underperformed at the box office. This has reinforced the notion among fans that there might be a jinx associated with post-Rajamouli projects.

With Jr. ntr now gearing up for "Devara" after "RRR," fans are apprehensive about whether this sentiment will affect his film's fate. They are urging koratala siva to take all necessary precautions to ensure the success of the film and break free from the perceived curse.

As koratala siva strives to redeem himself after the disappointment of "Acharya," all eyes are on "Devara" and its performance at the box office. Only time will tell if Jr. ntr can defy the rajamouli curse and secure another blockbuster hit with his upcoming venture.

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