Vidya Balan considers herself 'luckyafter finding siddharth Kapur before 'Tinder', said- 'I am jealous..'

Recently, actress vidya balan called herself lucky to have found her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur before the era of dating apps. Let us tell you in detail what he has said.

Vidya Balan is a popular star of Bollywood, who has worked in many films in her career so far. Talking about personal life, she is married to filmmaker siddharth Roy Kapur, whom she first met in 2010 at a party at Karan Johar's house. 

Vidya says that karan was instrumental in getting them married, as he deliberately invited both of them because he wanted them to be together. After dating for a while, the lovebirds got married in a private ceremony in december 2012 and almost 12 years later, they still have the same initial love that grows stronger with each passing day. 

Vidya Balan calls herself lucky to marry Siddharth Shukla

In her latest interview with 'News18 Shosha', Vidya talked about her relationship and marriage with Siddharth. She says she considers herself lucky to have found her life partner without the hassle of swiping right and left.

In her words, “Many people of our generation also swipe left and right (on dating apps), but I was lucky to find a partner before Tinder and Bumble took off and I am very happy. love will always be love. It's what makes the world go 'roundIt's just that people have become so spoiled for choice in every aspect of their lives that they want to keep options open for themselves in relationships too.

Vidya Balan calls dating apps 'confusing'

Vidya believes that such dating apps are confusing youngsters. He said that if he too had to depend on them, then how would his love life have been? “I would have eaten it,” he said. I would have been really confused and that's why you can't blame this generation which is confused. When you have so many options, it can be confusingIt's like when I go to a buffet, I don't know what to eat.

Talking about her and Sidharth's relationship, vidya quickly said that despite all the complications, she is very honest in her relationshipThis is the reason why she is not afraid to express her feelings openly in front of Siddharth. As a wife, she says, “I am a jealous partner and I show it. If I am jealous, I can't keep it to myself and treat siddharth well. I am comfortable with everyone except my husbandbut I am also more romantic.

When she was asked what was the most romantic thing she had done for Siddharth 

So vidya said, “don't cook at all, but on our first anniversary I made a cake for him. I was shooting somewhere else and I went to the kitchen of that hotel and the chef helped me a lot. Once the cake reached siddharth, he told me, 'This is great!It was very sweet of him. And then when I tasted it, I realized it wasn't good at all! It was very kinky. I didn't tell them that the chef helped me make it, but now I think they'll know."

Vidya believes that siddharth working in the same film line as her makes her more fortunate. Regarding this, Vidya says, “The positive side is that he understands what it takes to do what I do. So, he is very supportive and accepting. There's another side to it too, because I can't lie to him about being tired because of work."

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