The motive of the accused was not to kill salman khan but...

Mumbai Crime Branch has made a big revelation in the firing case at actor salman Khan's house. The crime branch officer said that the motive of the accused was not to kill but only to create fear. mumbai Crime Branch has also gone to bihar and recorded the statement of the families of both the accused. Along with this, Sagar Pal's brother Sonu Pal has been called for questioning. According to the information received from the mumbai Crime Branch, the accused had also recorded salman Khan's farmhouse located in the Panvel area.

A suspect from haryana is in custody

Let us tell you that in the firing case, the police detained a suspect from Haryana. An officer said that the suspect who had been detained was in constant touch with the accused before and after the incident. He said that the detained person is suspected of taking instructions from Anmol Bishnoi, the younger brother of jailed gangster lawrence Bishnoi.

The hand of lawrence Bishnoi gang!

It is noteworthy that after the incident, a facebook post came to light which was allegedly uploaded by Anmol Bishnoi. police said on tuesday that the investigation has indicated that the lawrence Bishnoi gang was behind the hiring of both the accused. Have a hand in. Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta have been arrested by the police in this case.

Both the accused were giving details to the suspect

According to the police, both the accused were continuously giving detailed information about their movements to the detained suspect and were using the internet for calls. After committing this incident, Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta fled from mumbai to Bhuj in Gujarat. The police officer also said that near surat the accused also changed the SIM card of the mobile which they were using for conversation.

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