Cheyan 62. director of Arun Kumar - Clue in the poster!

Veera Dheera Soran: Arun Kumar, who has recently directed the movie "Siddha", is now directing the 62nd film, Vikram. Kennedy john Victor, a 1966-born actor in Chennai, is the actor Vikram. After completing college at Loyola college, Chennai, he was looking for the opportunity to enter the silver field for many years. He then used his opportunities in iconic plays regularly. He starred in the 1990 film "Enn Kanmani", which has been a few films in the malayalam and telugu screen world and is a film that changed his life in 1999. Movie.

It was only after the film that vikram emerged as "Sean Vikram". He has been an excellent personality for over 34 years in many languages - malayalam and Telugu. Finally, two films, Polar Star and Thangalan, starring vikram starring Ponni Selvan in Mani Ratnam's upcoming film Mani Ratnam, will be released this year. Thangalan, who is joining with Pa Ranjith, is expected to be released soon after the election. In this context, he will be starring in a film directed by famous director Arun Kumar. The film is titled "Veera Thea Suran". In this case, a hectic information about the film has been released.Rishabha Shetty has been released in two parts, like the Meghaitha "Kandara". This means that the sequel area is first released and the prequel part is expected to be released. It has also been announced that both parts will be filmed simultaneously. And even the poster released yesterday, is also said to be part 2

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