James Bond: Ruckus over fake trailer of 007 series film! Discussion intensifies about Henry Cavill playing the role of Bond

Henry had auditioned for the role of james bond in the film 'Casino Royale', but he failed to get the role. Amazing wonders of AI are being seen every day in the film world. These days, a fake trailer for the james bond series film is going viral, which has been created by AI. In this trailer, Henry Cavill is shown in the role of james Bond. Whereas, Margot Robbie is the Bond girl. The interesting thing is that despite being a fake trailer, it has received more than 2.5 million views. After this trailer, people expressed their wish that Henry Cavill should play the role of james Bond.

Having already given an audition for james bond,

it is not that Cavill's name has been associated with a james bond series film for the first time. Henry had auditioned for the role of Bond in the film 'Casino Royale', but he failed to get the role. Actor daniel craig played this character. It is known that the director of this film, Martin Campbell, had said in an interview last year that he had enjoyed Henry Cavill's james bond audition very much. He said that Henry was very good in the audition. His acting was amazing.

Perhaps I am too old to play Bond. 

Recently, during a conversation on 'The Rich Eisen Show', Cavill talked about his casting for the role of James Bond. He said that I do not have any such update. I have to stay away from rumors. I have the same information you have. He said that maybe I am too old to play Bond or maybe not, but we will see what the producers plan. 

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