Kaam Chalu Hai: Stars gathered at the screening of 'Kaam Chalu Hai', from gauhar khan to Palak, these celebs came to watch the film.

Rajpal Yadav and jiya Manek's film 'Kaam Chalu Hai' is releasing today. This film is coming on OTT platform Zee5. A special screening of this film was organized before its release. Where many stars including Gauhar Khan and Palak Muchhal were seen. Gauhar Khan said, 'I have come here for work or a special screening. It is based on a true incident. It is a very touching story. A girl loses her life. This is a sad incident. I appeal to everyone to watch this film. My best wishes to the entire team. I pray that such an incident does not happen to any parent. Become aware by watching this film, so that such accidents do not happen.

Gauhar said for rajpal yadav, 'What to say about him. He is rich in versatile talent. She can do anything. We often put people into categories that they can only do comedy, or can do action. But, this should not be done. We cannot limit Rajpal Yadav. One of my friends Jiya Manek is also in this film. Apart from being a good actress, she is also a very good person.

When Rajpal Yadav was asked how much he enjoyed doing this film? To this, the actor said, 'Very much.' We are commercial actors. In his entire career, he has done mostly 90 percent commercial films. But say, two to four commercials and one meaningful entertainment film every year, like 'Ardhcame last year, which is on a different subject.

Rajpal Yadav further said, 'Kaam Chalu Hai' is not a film, it is a years-old problem. Construction goes on in our country and a lot of functions take place. National, religious, and social...thousands of potholes occur here every day and will continue to occur in the future also. I want to urge everyone through this film that you have done great things. There will be potholes. Along with cleaning, keep a shovel and a trowel. Wherever you see a pothole around your house, fill it.

Actress jiya Manek also attended the screening. In the film, she plays the role of Rajpal Yadav's wife. Jiah said, 'This is a film based on a true incident. I did not have to do any separate preparation for this film. I can connect with it easily. Palak Muchhal, who attended the screening, said, 'This is my brother's film and it is very lovely film. Do watch it. Let us tell you that this film has been directed by Palash Muchhal.

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