Awards 2024-25: Calendar of big awards like oscar, Bafta, and Emmy released, know when the awards will be announced.

The dates of many big awards shows like oscar, Bafta, Tony, Gracie, and Emmy have been announced for the year 2024-25.

The big news is coming for cinema lovers. Everyone is waiting to know when the big awards of the film world will be held and whether their favorite film will win any big award. Now this wait is over because the dates of all the big awards shows related to the film have been announced. Let us know when and which awards are going to be organized in the year 2024-25.

A look at the big awards

Nominations for the Tony Awards will take place on April 30 and the ceremony will take place on June 16. people also keep an eye on the BAFTA tv Awards. It will be organized on 12th MayWhereas, Tony Award nominations will be announced on April 30 and awards will be announced on June 16. Everyone waits for the Oscars. After the shortlist on December 17, nominations will be held on January 17, 2025, and the Oscars will be held on March 2, 2025. The BAFTA Film Awards will be given on February 16, 2025.

See the complete calendar of the awards show here


April 19 – Daytime Emmy Award Nominations

April 27 – AFI Life Achievement Award honoring nicole Kidman

April 30 – Tony Award Nominations


6 May – Dramatics Guild Awards

May 11- GLAAD Awards

12 May – BAFTA tv Awards

May 13 – WGC Screenwriting Awards (Writers Guild of Canada)

May 21- sports Emmy Awards

May 21- Gracie Awards


June 7 – Daytime Emmy Awards

June 10- SDSA Awards Nominations

June 16- Tony Awards


August 5- SDSA Awards

24 August – Astra tv Awards


September 5- Primetime Emmy Awards


December 17- oscar Shortlist

January 2025

7 January – CAS Awards Nominations

January 8 – SAG Awards Nominations

January 10- AFI Awards

January 17- oscar nomination

February 2025

February 8- DGA Awards

16 February- BAFTA Film Awards

February 22- Spirit Awards (Film Independent)

22 February – CAS Awards

February 23- SAG Awards


March 2- oscar Awards

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