The woman who ran after Vijay's car with tears in her eyes..!?

Thalapathy Vijay went to vote yesterday and it was hot news on TV. That is, there is a difference between Vijay going to vote as an actor and this time going as a party leader. A large number of television journalists and fans gathered in front of Vijay's house since yesterday morning. In one way, Vijay voted and left in the crowd. Also, Vijay's hand was injured which shocked many people. In this case, when Vijay returned home after voting, a woman ran behind his car. The woman immediately stopped the car, spoke to Bussi Anand, and gave him a piece of paper.

Speaking to the press, she said that when her son was studying in college, he committed suicide by falling off a train because he could not pay the fees. Also, she got her daughter married by taking a loan of 4 lakhs. She mentioned that she is now 59 years old and her health is not good as she has been working as a house cleaner. So she waited here for many days to meet Vijay in person. And now she has written her phone number on that paper, she said with pain. She is definitely hoping that Vijay will do something for her.

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