Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Fame imran khan Deleted His twitter Account In 2010. Here’s Why

In a recent interview, imran khan shared why he abandoned his twitter account early on in his life.

Actor imran khan has been noticeably absent from the silver screen and social media for quite some time. His last appearance was in the romantic drama ‘Katti Batti alongside kangana Ranaut. In a recent chat with anupama chopra on Film Companion, imran khan talked about his absence from social media, revealing that he opted to delete his twitter account within a year.

During the discussion, the focus shifted to the toxicity of social media and its impact on Imran's work. He revealed how checking his phone between shots affected his performance, as he often encountered a barrage of negativity regarding his acting.

Imran Khan said, “There is an emotional residue that remains when you connect or engage in that way and social media does this thing. I'm now very sensitive to it. I can perceive it in a physiological sense.” Talking about his decision to delete twitter (now X), Imran said, “I was an early adopter of Twitter. I signed on in 2009 and I deleted my twitter account in 2010. So, an early abandoner as well.”

Imran Khan calls social media a ‘digital drug’

Imran Khan talked about his excitement both before and after a post. He said, “The addiction and the reward response stimulate a physiological response in us. I remember the feeling of it. On twitter, I would think of a witty, funny, little thing to put onto Twitter. I'm like I've got a great joke for Twitter. 

Then, you open it up and as you start to type it, there is this excitement which you feel in the pit of the stomach of this is going to be so funny. They're all going to love it and it's going to get so many retweets and likes and comments. You have this building anticipation of how awesome it's going to be. Then you post and wait.”

He added, “I started to become aware of that entire physiological feeling. I'm feeling anxious and excited at the prospect of how many people will like my tweet.”

Meanwhile, imran khan is considering making a comeback in the film industry.

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