Kareena Kapoor: 'Don't marry Saif otherwise..' Kareena was advised not to marry Saif, but still got married

Kareena Kapoor and saif ali khan have been married for a long time now and they also have two children. But do you know that when Kareena was going to marry Saif, someone special advised her that 'don't marry Saif otherwise...'

Kareena Kapoor and saif ali khan are one of the most favorite couples in Bollywood. Seeing the bonding of Saif-Bebo, fans advise their close ones to become like them. Fans of both these stars lovingly call them Saifina. Kareena-Saif got married in the year 2012. Although this was Saif's second marriage. Before Kareena, Saif was married to amrita Singh. At present, Saif and Kareena are very happy with each other and are enjoying their married life a lot. But do you know that when Kareena was going to marry Saif, someone had warned her about marrying Saif?

Bebo's revelation

During an interview, Bebo revealed about not marrying Saif. Kareena said that when she had decided to marry Saif, many people had asked her not to do so. people said that getting married would end one's career. But he did not listen to anyone. Kareena said that every actress's decision to get married is right. Kareena said that when she felt right, she also got married.

How did Saifina come closer to each other?

Kareena had said, I was living in a live-in relationship with Saif even before marriage. Not because Saif and I wanted to judge each other by living together, but because we lived together because we did not get a chance to spend time with each other due to work. There was a time when we were shooting continuously, after that it was natural, he asked me to marry him and that was all.

You will not lose your life, will you?

Kareena said that when she decided to marry Saif, everyone started giving her advice continuously. But Bebo was determined that she would marry Saif only. Kareena also said during the interview, "Everyone was saying - don't marry, otherwise your career will end. Then I said that my career would end and I would lose my life. I loved Saif. I would not have married because I would not have got offers from some producers' films. Then that's right. In fact, after marriage, I got offers from many good films. Saif also used to encourage me to do good work. "I only get irritable when we don't see each other for a long time."

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