Fishing festival held in Sivagangai; Strange worship for rain

Villagers participated in the fishing festival held to pray for rain in Sivagangai district and competed in the pond to fetch fish. The fishing festival was held with much fanfare at Vallik Kanmai in Duar village near Tirupattur, Sivagangai district due to rains and crop failure. After the announcement that a fishing festival will be held in Duar village today, hundreds of people from various villages from surrounding areas including Duar, Phulangurichi, Nelkupai, and Chevvur gathered at the lake shore. After the temple worship, the elders of the village started the fishing festival by waving the white flag known as Vella Vidutla. At that time, tens of thousands of people who were waiting on the bank of the lake with fishing equipment in their hands started jumping and running to catch fish.

Traditionally, the people caught fish with a net, pari, kacha, and their fishing gear and carried local fish such as Sissi, portal, kala, viral, celebs, Syria, and carp in sacks, baskets, and vessels. Every year, this fishing festival is held in this irrigated pond in the village after the paddy harvest in the summer when the water dries up. In that way, the fishing festival was held today in Kanmai as usual this year. A large number of villagers not only from the surrounding area but also from the nearby districts came to catch fish in Kanmail with joy during this Meenpadi festival, which was held in unity by all irrespective of caste and religion.

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