An old woman was killed by an elephant in broad daylight; The roar of the wild elephant continues near Sathyamangalam

An old woman who was engaged in gardening work near Sathyamangalam was suddenly attacked by a wild elephant and died on the spot. A wild elephant came out of the forest and roamed around in the agricultural lands adjacent to the village at around 8.30 am today in the village of Sathyamangalam tiger Reserve, Erode district. Then unexpectedly, a wild elephant attacked an old woman named Kaliyamma (age 70) who was standing in the garden. Kaliyamma tragically died on the spot. The villagers were shocked to see this and immediately informed the forest department and the police. Accordingly, the forest department reached the spot seized the body, and sent it to Thalawadi government Hospital for post-mortem.

The incident of killing an old woman by a wild elephant in broad daylight in Neidalapuram village has shocked the people of the area. The farmers who gathered at the government hospital have said that the district officer should come to the spot and conduct an investigation give them appropriate compensation and further take appropriate measures to prevent the elephant from entering the village till then we will not buy the dead body. In the last two months, ramu from Mudianur and Magaiya from Thiginarai village were killed by wild elephants, so the number of elephant attacks has risen to three.

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