On the second day, 'LSD 2' failed at the box office…

After a gap of 14 years, dibakar banerjee made a comeback to direction with 'LSD 2', the sequel to one of his most famous films 'LSD'. There were a lot of expectations from 'LSD 2', however, despite the promotion of this film, it did not get much buzz. On the very first day of its release in theatres, it received a very lukewarm response from the audience and it had a very poor start. Let us know here how much collection 'LSD 2' will be able to make at the box office on the second day of its release.

How much will 'LSD 2' collect on the second day of release?

'LSD 2' released in theaters this Friday. The film has received good reviews from critics but the audience did not appreciate the film at all. With this, 'LSD 2' was seen yearning for the audience on the very first day of its release. The film has had a very slow start at the box office. Let us tell you that this 2010 sequel of dibakar banerjee barely collected Rs 15 lakh on the opening day. Now the initial figures of the earnings of the second day of the release of this film have come.

According to the early trend report of Sacknilk, 'LSD 2' has so far been able to collect only Rs 5 lakh on the second day of its release. With this, the total collection of 'LSD 2' in two days has reached Rs 20 lakh. Although these are preliminary figures, the correct figures will be updated after 10.30 pm.

'LSD 2' flopped at the box office

Only two days have passed since the release of 'LSD 2' and its momentum at the box office has stopped. The film barely collected lakhs on the first day. But it seems difficult to earn even a few lakhs on the second day. Looking at the pace of the film's earnings, it can be said that 'LSD 2' has flopped at the box office in just two days.

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