TV's 'Ram' is afraid, said - 'One has to face the anger...'?

Everyone talks about being afraid of their wife and this happens with common people as well as celebrities. Even TV's ram is afraid of his wife. We are not saying this Arun Govil himself revealed this during the public meeting. He said that he is afraid of his Thakurain. He also told what he does when his wife gets angry. Also, what will he do to make the public happy? Arun Govil has shared interesting things from his life. Arun Govil's wife's name is Sreelekha Govil. Who has been supporting him in every happiness and sorrow for years? During a public meeting, Arun Govil told what he does when his wife gets angry or upset.

Is Arun Govil afraid of his wife?

During elections, leaders often talk about their personal lives to the public so that the general public can connect with that leader. Something similar was seen in the meerut lok sabha seat of UP also. Arun Govil said in this public meeting, 'My wife is Chauhan Thakur. Whenever she gets angry, I have to bear the anger of Thakurain. But I convince them. I will convince you in the same way and I am sure you will agree. This statement of Arun Govil is in the news a lot. In the lok sabha elections 2024, bjp has given a ticket to actor Arun Govil from Meerut. Arun Govil is currently holding public meetings at various places in Meerut. At present, his wife is walking step by step with Arun Govil. You can often see Sreelekha holding public meetings with Arun Govil.

How is the bonding of Arun Govil and Sreelekha?

Arun Govil and Sreelekha Govil have been married for many years. He has a son who is married and has a child. He has a daughter who is studying abroad. Arun Govil's bond with his wife is said to be very good. On the anniversary, Arun Govil shared a lovely picture with his wife which was liked a lot by the fans. The actor had shared a photo of himself hugging his wife.

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