Even at the age of 56, Minniea Rajinikanth film actress looks good in a gold saree... is it worth so many lakhs?

A photo of a 56-year-old Rajinikanth actress wearing a golden sari worth lakhs of rupees and attending a store opening ceremony is going viral. cinema celebrities are attracting fans with their beauty and youth. Earlier, the life expectancy of actresses in cinema was less than that of actors. Actresses disappear within 10 years at most. Actress madhuri dixit is one of the few actresses who acted as heroines in such a period and has remained in people's minds to date. Even though she is a bollywood actress now 56 years old, madhuri still looks very young. madhuri dixit, who rose to fame as a top heroine in the 1980s, also starred opposite superstar Rajinikanth. Both of them acted together in the hindi film called Uttan Takshit. The film was also a huge hit. Apart from this, madhuri has acted with the top actors of Bollywood.

In this situation, madhuri dixit, who is still young at the age of 56, recently went to a store opening ceremony in Surat. Then the fans who gathered to see him there gave him an enthusiastic welcome. The saree worn by actress madhuri dixit for the opening ceremony of this store is currently trending. Apart from that, you will be shocked if you know its price details. Accordingly, the price of the golden saree worn by madhuri Dikshit is Rs.1.25 lakhs. Fans are speechless after knowing this information. Even though actress madhuri dixit has stopped acting after marriage, she has been participating in reality shows. Madhuri, who continues to refine her beauty, is also paying more attention to fashion, and the clothes she wears are an example.

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