Vicky Kaushal had this strange habit in his childhood…

Comedy king Kapil Sharma's new show 'The Great indian Kapil Show' is being liked very much by the audience. Kapil's show is popular globally. Till now 3 episodes of the show have come. The team of 'Chamkila' had a lot of fun in the last episode. This time, in the fourth episode of the show, Kaushal Brothers have created a lot of fun. In this episode, both the brothers have revealed many interesting things to each other. A very strange habit of vicky kaushal has also come to light in Kapil's show. Sunny Kaushal has revealed this strange childhood habit of his elder brother, hearing that Vicky still feels embarrassed.

Sunny Kaushal reveals Vicky Kaushal's strange habit

Actually, kapil sharma asked Sunny Kaushal whether Vicky has any such embarrassing story of Vicky Kaushal. In response to this, Sunny narrated an incident from Vicky's childhood. Sunny told that Vicky had a strange habit in his childhood. The actor said- 'Everyone has the habit of talking in sleep, but Vicky had the habit of acting in sleep. He did not just speak but also acted completely. Sometimes I used to get confused whether he was sleeping or awake. ,

Sunny further said, 'One day I was going to sleep and he (Vicky) had slept 35-40 minutes before me. When I went, he was talking in his sleep. We used to sleep in the same room. Suddenly he woke up, removed his blanket, and started saying, check...I wondered what happened...then he said, my paper is complete, check it.

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