Does aamir khan have a daughter in just four months? 

Aamir Khan's daughter Ayra Khan got married in january this year. Ayra is married to fitness trainer Nupur Shikhare. The marriage of both was much talked about. Many videos and photos of the wedding have gone viral on social media. Many bollywood celebs also attended the wedding of Aamir Khan's daughter. Now it has been 4 months since Ayra and Nupur's marriage. After 4 months of marriage, Ayra has shared such a post after which the fans became worried. Ayra Khan has expressed her fear regarding loneliness in her post. Fans have also become very upset due to feeling lonely after marriage and are asking her many kinds of questions.

Ayra Khan did a cryptic post

Ayra Khan has shared a post on her Instagram. In this post, she wrote- 'I am scared. I am afraid of being alone, afraid of being helpless. I am afraid of everything bad in the world (violence, disease, cruelty). I am afraid of getting lost. Afraid of feeling pain and afraid of becoming silent. Will see me laughing, working, living, but when I feel scared, it grips me. Ayra Khan further wrote in the post 'I forget that I have many people who love me very much and will find me if I get lost. If I get hurt, he will take care of me. I am a capable person. ,

Users are giving such reactions on the post

Many users are also giving their reactions to this post of Ayra Khan. Some are asking the reason for Ayra feeling like this and some are giving her courage. One user commented - 'It takes courage to share such a struggle on social media platforms. Hope things get better with you soon. Questioning another user, he wrote - 'Why did you become alone?' You just got married, right? Then how come alone? Another user has sent a lot of love and courage to Ayra. One user wrote- 'Why are you worried?'

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