This special person related to king Khan made a big revelation…

Everyone praises the king of bollywood Shahrukh Khan. Any star who is associated with his struggling days knows how passionate Shahrukh is about his work. The film Koyla was released in the year 1997 and now it has been 27 years since its release. On this occasion, the film's producer-director rakesh roshan made some revelations about shahrukh khan and also told an important story related to the film. rakesh roshan made many films with shahrukh khan and Shahrukh's name is also included among his favorite actors. rakesh roshan has praised Shahrukh many times but let us tell what was that story from the film Koyla.

Rakesh roshan narrated the story related to 'Coal'

According to bollywood Hungama, rakesh roshan said some things about the film on the 27th anniversary of the film Koyla. He said, 'Shahrukh is a very daring person. When I wrote the climax and went to Shahrukh to narrate it, I thought he would reject it but I was surprised to hear what he said. I explained him the climax scene of the film and said that you just have to set the fire and the shot will be changed and then the entire scene will be shot on the body double. rakesh roshan said that as soon as he told this to Shahrukh, Shahrukh said that he will do this scene. Rakesh felt that Shahrukh had agreed to the matter of setting fire but Shahrukh had said yes to the entire scene. rakesh roshan further said, 'When I saw him running away with his body on fire, I was really scared.'

Earlier in an interview, cinematographer sameer Arya had said that he was also there when that scene was being shot. He said that as soon as Shahrukh set his body on fire, everyone got scared, the fire was so strong that he could have died but when the scene was shot and the fire was extinguished, everyone clapped for him and everyone said, 'Agreed.'

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