Imtiaz Ali: 'You cannot change facts in the biopic, but...', Imtiaz ali said about 'Amar Singh Chamkila'

Director Imtiaz Ali's film based on the iconic musician amar singh Chamkila is getting a lot of love from the audience. The director has expressed his intention behind bringing this character on screen.

The film 'Amar Singh Chamkiladirected by famous director Imtiaz Ali is in the news at the moment. It is receiving a lot of appreciation from film critics and audiences. This film also marks the successful comeback of the star director at the box office. Before this, his last few films did not perform well at the box office. Now the director has shared the story behind the decision to make this film.

The film is based on musician Amar Singh Chamkila

Imtiaz Ali's film is based on amar singh Chamkila, an eminent musician from Punjab. This film stars diljit dosanjh and parineeti chopra in lead roles. Both of them are getting a lot of praise for their roles. Apart from this, Imtiaz is getting a lot of appreciation for portraying the character of Chamkila on screen without unnecessarily tampering with it. The director has shared his thinking behind the accurate portrayal of this story.

Said on not showing Chamkila spotless

Expressing his views candidly during an interview, the director of 'Chamkila' said, 'It is necessary to pay attention to even the smallest things to accurately portray someone's life on screen.' He further said, 'To portray someone's life honestly on screen, it is important to maintain its truth and show every aspect'. During this, Imtiaz, while explaining the reason behind making 'Chamkila' appear spotless on screen, said, 'He was not a very clean person. I wanted to show everything about them in a very real way. Sometimes the flaws and irregularities of the character are liked by the audience.

Said- 'There should be freedom to show all aspects'

Imtiaz ali said that he wanted to give an honest portrayal of Chamkila's life while maintaining her flaws and complexity. The director said that she also showed Chamkila's qualities like humility and respecting the wishes of her fans. According to Imtiaz, when you show someone's life on screen, you do not have the freedom to change the facts, but there should be freedom to show all aspects of his life.

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