Nora Fatehi: 'It seems like they have never seen', Nora Fatehi gets angry at paparazzi

Nora Fatehi has strongly condemned the paparazzi for unnecessarily focusing on the bodies of bollywood actresses. In the last few days, many actresses have expressed their displeasure over this action of paparazzi.

These days, paparazzi cover every activity of bollywood stars. Take out their photos and videos. The conversations of stars with paparazzi also go viral on social media. Sometimes paparazzi also share some of their private pictures and videos on social media. Recently, many actresses have condemned the paparazzi for focusing the cameras on various parts of their bodies. A few days ago, during an award show, actress Mrunal Thakur refused to let the paparazzi take her photo when they asked to take a picture of the actress from behind. Now actress Nora Fatehi has also spoken openly on this issue.

Palak Tiwari has also reprimanded

TV actress Shweta Tiwari's daughter Palak Tiwari has also reprimanded the paparazzi. Actually, despite Palak's refusal, the paparazzi tried to take her picture from the backside. Now actress nora fatehi has also expressed her displeasure towards the paparazzi.

Why the unnecessary focus on my body?

In a recent interview, actress nora fatehi expressed her displeasure over the paparazzi's unnecessary focus on certain parts of her body. The actress has openly expressed her views on this. Nora said, 'I think they have never seen anything like this before. It is not that he is doing this only with me, he is doing the same with other actresses also.

Nora is full of confidence

When Nora Fatehi was asked how she dealt with this? On this, the actress said that maybe the cameraman was focusing with wrong intentions, but that is a different topic. She cannot catch everyone and explain to them. She goes her way. The actress is confident about her body. Nora is known for her seductive image. The actress became famous in bollywood with her spectacular dance performances in songs like 'Dilbar', 'Kusu-Kusu', 'Kamariya', 'O Saki-Saki' and 'Jeda Nasha'.

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