A Politician started a war between NTR-Ram Charan fans...!?

The war between NTR-Ram Charan fans is going on because of the rrr movie. Someone is creating a rift between Charan-NTR fans. Recently BJP leader cm Ramesh's comments have caused controversy. NTR-Ram Charan acted in the rrr movie. A fan war broke out at the point of whose character was the greatest. Bringing various equations to the screen, they hit on social media that Maavadu is great, Maavadu is great. This fan war has gone global. The representatives of an international award also had to respond. RRR writer Vijayendra Prasad's character ramaraju is typical. He said it was tough. Indirectly he said that Ramaraju's character has more weight than Bhima's character. With that, ntr fans were trolled by ram charan fans. Recently, kk Senthil Kumar, who is the cameraman of this film, gave key comments. He said that I liked the interval bang where ntr attacks with animals more than the rrr climax.

Also, while filming the scene where bheem is being chased by a tiger, ntr said that he could not meet the speed. These comments hurt Charan's fans. ntr fans trolled them. Recently, bjp leader cm Ramesh once again raised this controversy. I told amit shah that let's honor Ram Charan who came to Delhi. He accepted my word and said that Ram Charan was honored by amit Shah. NTR met amit Shah who had come to hyderabad earlier. amit shah did not respect Charan even if cm Ramesh recommended him in this order. But they are saying that he wanted to meet ntr himself. They are trolling who cares about Charan if not for Chiranjeevi?

At the same time, Charan's fans are showing the video related to the comments made by bjp leader Bandi Sanjay. Called Amit Shah. They thought they would meet when they came to Hyderabad. That's how amit shah met NTR. It is common for him to meet heroes, sportsmen, and celebrities. Bandi Sanjay said that there is nothing special behind meeting NTR. Like amit shah, NTR-Ram Charan fans went to war on the social media platform. They are insulting each other and making comments. This social media war has reached its peak. Let's see when it cools down...

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