Jai Hanuman Poster: Bajrangbali is standing with a mace in front of a fire-breathing dragon, fans chanted 'Jai Hanuman' after seeing the new poster

The acclaimed director of the superhero film 'Hanuman' Prashant Verma has given a big gift to the fans on Hanuman's birth anniversary. The poster of the upcoming film 'Jai Hanuman' starring teja Sajja is winning the hearts of fans. The acclaimed director of the superhero film 'Hanuman prashant Verma has received a lot of praise for his recent work in the genre. Taking advantage of the success of 'Hanuman', Varma excitedly revealed that its sequel is on the way. 'Jai Hanuman' was announced on 23 April. Now on the special occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, the makers have released a new poster of the film.

New poster of 'Jai Hanuman' released

On the special occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, prashant Verma released a new poster for 'Jai Hanuman', which hints at an even more exciting adventure than the first film. The poster promises that the upcoming sequel will be presented in IMX 3D. This will ensure an immersive cinematic experience. 'Jai Hanuman' aims to continue the compelling blend of superhero action and rich mythological story.

The film will be released in IMAX 3D

Releasing the poster, prashant Verma wrote in the caption, 'On this auspicious Hanuman Janmotsav, let us stand against all adversities and emerge victorious. Experience the epitome of Lord Hanuman's epic battle in IMAX 3D. Talking about the poster, Hanuman is standing holding a mace and in front, a dreaded dragon is seen spewing fire from its mouth. The new poster of the film has taken the excitement of the fans to its peak.

Prashant Verma ready to create history

Telugu filmmaker Prashanth varma is all set to create history by introducing Dragon in indian cinema for the first time. The newly released poster of his upcoming film shows the level of visual spectacle expected by the audience while showcasing cutting-edge VFX and other high-tech cinematic techniques. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that 'Jai Hanuman' will be released in IMX 3D.

More updates on 'Jai Hanuman' soon

'Jai Hanuman' will be the second film from the iconic prashant Verma cinematic universe. The name of the first film was 'Hanuman'. Talking about 'Jai Hanuman', extensive information about it has been kept under wraps, but it is understood that teja Sajja will be playing the lead role in the film. Please note that the superhero film 'Hanuman' was released on January 12, 2024. Made with a budget of Rs 40 crore, this film starring teja Sajja was successful in creating history by doing business of around Rs 350 crore worldwide.

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