A producer spoke about dhanush and aishwarya controversy..!?

dhanush and aishwarya have been buzzing ever since they announced their divorce. They have been separated for two years and have now gone to court. After that again this news is hot. Many celebrities are openly expressing their opinions. producer Rajan, who owns controversies in that line, has expressed his anger. What kind of man is Rajinikanth, he said. Can you hurt his feelings? He must have convinced them not to divorce. Even so, they are firm in their decision. This is definitely the wrong paradigm. They have no forgiveness.

If they did not think about the future of their children, they would be cursed by the people. So they both have to live together. He says that those who have received should not be saddened. And is dhanush a man? He attacked and talked about why you want a company with women. Although a few have expressed their support for this, Dhanush's fans are retaliating. Don't you know it's rude to criticize someone's personal life? They are grilling Rajan. This lovely couple has two kids named Linga and Yatra. dhanush and aishwarya seems to attend all their kids function together even though they filed for divorce.

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