Rashmika Mandanna's appearance in the film was one of the most anticipated news stories since the "Family Star" special song, Kalyanam Vache Vache, was shot in Mumbai. rashmika is said to have been parasuram and Vijay Devarakonda's initial choice for the Family Star heroine role, therefore her appearance will undoubtedly wow the audience. rashmika is the director and actor of geetha Govinda.

To the surprise of many, rashmika mandanna does not make a cameo in the kalyani Vachhe Vachhe song on Family Star. rashmika mandanna was undoubtedly present on the song set and filmed for the song, based on the videos that surfaced online, but many are curious as to why her appearance was cut short. It is unknown at this time if the song's creators intend to leave out the cameo entirely or whether they will include it after a few days.

However, aside from dil raju and his spouse Vygha Reddy's presence in the USA episode, the master producer's appearance in the kalyani Vache Vache song was also cut short. Many are curious as to why these highly anticipated cameos were left out of the finished story that was shown in cinemas today.

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